Funny how we chose our Careers and the path it takes us. For some a defined direction, for some being the subject of the circumstances, opportunities, and currents of our lives. Most don’t think much about it, some ponder, some regret, and some really don’t care.

But whether we are deliberate in our plans or not we will move from phase to phase in our careers and arrive at places we never expected; some good and some bad. For many, our first bridge is a deliberate one. We choose a vocation or job or career by choosing either voluntarily or by circumstances that surround us. This first bridge can be laid out before us and even at times, we have a guide to point us the way or warn us of the dangers on this bridge. This, like all of the bridges, can be very short or very long and we can celebrate getting to the other edge or grieve at the end. Regardless, we move forward.

The second bridge we take may be because it was simply the next one on our path or because it was steeper and offered greater reward at the end. This bridge often we don’t have that guide and there may be hazards on the bridge that we don’t find out about until it’s too late and we’re already too far to stop and turn around. Here we may have to help another along the way with us; even if we’re not too sure ourselves if it’s safe. We may even have people we may have to carry to get across, also something not anticipated. Of course, we have the option to simply stop and stay or even go back, but that’s your decision and whether you move forward or back, you still have to deal with the outcome.

The third bridge can be simply optional. Go, don’t go, stay, or just forget about bridges altogether. The funny thing is something happened while you crossed the last two bridges. The struggles you endured and the fact that you made it to the other side of the previous bridges make you think that perhaps there may be a different kind of reward on the other side. You know which pitfalls to avoid, you know which side to favor, and you can even share what you know to help others get to the other side. Still, it’s your decision. And maybe, really there are more bridges beyond the third that are waiting and you think about what challenges face you there and the rewards and satisfaction that comes with it.

So what are you going to do? Cross or not cross.               -Rick Baron